Monday, May 30, 2011

small explanation

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I haven't been posting anything new for quite a long time so I think it would be proper to say a few words :P

Fisrtly - I got bored with Second Life - how long can you possibly waste your time there???
I'm in touch with everyone I want to be outside Second Life so it really isn't neccessary for me to use this virtual world. I spent almost 4 years there and for now I'm fed up with it.

Secondly - My RL. It's been so absorbing lately that I can hardly think about anything else, especially about such trivial matters like Second Life. Besides, I much prefer my RL to my SL, that's out of the question :D

Of course it doesn't mean that I'm not coming back; perhaps I am but I don't know when. When I feel the need to do so, then I will just do it :D I'm still logging in but very rarely. I think I simply need a kind of a rest from SL and when I'm back in some time I will be "fascinated" with it once again just like at the very beginning. So stay tuned, I will be back eventually :D